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The brand new guitar book from Alex Espinosa

for more information please contact alex.espinosa@online.de

past signs in guestbook (as .pdf-file) look


download songs or the whole album "Devil in disguise"

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Guitar-Tabs (as .pdf´s-file): Demos/Soundbytes (as mp3-file):
– Danger is calling (Riff) – I know (Demo 2002) 2,8 MB
– Devil in disguise (Riff) – Waterfalls (Demo 2002) 4,2 MB
– Escaping (Riff & Solo)
– Everytime you want it (Riff)
– Face another day (Solo)
– Feelings
– Harder every day
– No words
– Once in my life (Guitar 1)
Once in my life (Guitar 2)
Once in my life (Solo)
– Ride the night away (Solo)
– Shania (Riff)
– Skytrain (Solo)
– Skytrain
– Sometimes she cries (Acoustic Version)
– Stay in Motion (Guitar 1)
– Stay in Motion (Guitar 2)
Talk to me (Guitar 1)
Talk to me (Guitar 2)
Waterfalls (Solo)
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(as .zip-file; Size ca. 10,0 MB)


– HOTWIRE Logo (Backgroundcolour black) (printable: 200 mm x 80 mm, 300dpi, SW, .eps and .jpg)
– HOTWIRE Logo (Backgroundcolour white) (printable: 200 mm x 80 mm, 300dpi, SW, .eps and .jpg)
– current Cover (printable: 121mm x 120 mm, 300dpi, CMYK, .eps and .jpg)
– current Bandpicture (printable: DIN A6, 300dpi, CMYK, .eps and .jpg)
– Band-History (german + english, Word-Document)
– current CD-Info (german + english, Word-Document)